Violated Part One

I left school after third period to go home with Cody. He was my man crush every day since we were freshmen. Cody was 5’11, he had the prettiest caramel colored eyes, perfect white teeth, and his skin was as smooth as Godiva chocolate. He was the most handsome boy I seen in all my 17 years. Cody played varsity basketball since we were freshman, and now we were now juniors. I loved me some Cody. So of course, when he asked me to leave with him I did not object.

Cody drove me to his mother’s house. When we got to Cody’s Mother’s house his cousins were already there. His five cousins Chase, Trust, Quincy, Bryan and Jakiem were all playing video games and smoking blunts in the living room. It wasn’t what I expected, but I didn’t complain.

Cody and I went upstairs to his room and smoked and watched TV. Cody ordered me some food and asked me if I wanted a drink. I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of liquor, so I passed. I didn’t even smoke, but I knew I had to do something Cody did, or he would drop me off for the next girl.

One hour after we ate Cody and I shared our first kiss. He was so gentle and passionate the kiss was perfect.  After about five or so minutes of making out Cody started trying to undress me. I was a virgin and I didn’t really know if I was ready to go all the way with Cody. I kept moving Cody’s hands from my backside, and breast, but I never stopped kissing him. I liked kissing Cody it made me feel beautiful.

We kept kissing for what seemed like forever. I kept moving Cody’s hands and I could tell he was getting annoyed with me, but he was still so patient and passionate with me.
“Take you clothes off shorty” he said. 
I took my top off and my pants and stood nervously in my bra and panties.  

“I’m a virgin” I whispered keeping my head down. 
“For real ok” he said with a smile. He starred to kissing my neck gently as he rubbed my butt. He began to feel all over my body.
I tried to loosen up, but I still wasn’t ready to lose my virginity. I was so nervous. I have to get out of here I thought to myself.

“Maybe I should go” I said.

Cody threw me on the bed. He got on top of me and started kissing me again.

“Calm down baby girl” he whispered in between kisses.

“Please let me go” I said pushing him off me. I started to get up and grab my clothes, and just then he slapped me. He hit me so hard I fell back onto the bed my face hurt like hell. I was shocked, before I could react Cody pinned me onto the bed. Then he pulled my underwear to the side and entered me taking my virginity.

Tears quickly fell down my face as I begged him to stop. I tried to fight back, but he overpowered me. My tears poured out, but Cody showed no remorse. He just kept going ignoring my pain.

“Damn you really are a virgin” he said as he pounded my swollen insides. 
“Damn you tight as fuck baby girl” he said as he came inside me with no remorse.

The whole ordeal couldn’t have lasted more than five minutes, but it felt like forever. My whole body hurt, and I couldn’t stop my tears. As soon as Cody was finished, he looked at me and smiled awkwardly.

Then I heard the door open and Chase walked into the room. His penis was erect and already out.
I was in so much pain from Cody violating me. 
“Use then pretty lips baby girl” Chase said with a smile.
Chase was about 5’9 230 pounds with a mouth full of gold teeth in high school.

It was no use in trying to fight someone especially a male as big as Chase, but I had to fight. I started kicking a screaming like a maniac as the tears continued to roll down my face.

Chase grabbed me by my hair and wrapped my hair around his arm. His grip was so tight on my hair I felt strands of my hair leaving my head. I got an instant headache and began preforming oral sex on Chase. He moaned so loudly, and the sound of his pleasure made me sick to my stomach. I began vomiting all over Chase.

“Fuck this nasty bitch” Chase said as he let go of my hair.

I thought the worst was over until Trust came through the door.

“Damn did she shit on you bro” Trust said as Chase walked out the room.

“Please let me go. Please don’t do this. I won’t tell” I begged Trust to have mercy on me.

“Turn over shorty” is all Trust said to me before he entered me from the back. I didn’t try to fight Trust it wasn’t worth it. I couldn’t fight him, and even if I did that would’ve only enraged him. Trust ran his hands all over me, violating every part of my body. 20 minutes or maybe longer passed before Trust pulled out and came all over my back.  His semen felt like hot lava burning the skin off my back. When he finished violating me like clockwork Quincy, and then Bryan came in each taking their turns raping me.

Finally Jakeem came to take his turn.

“I’m sorry” is all he said before he entered my bruised and swollen walls. Jakeem was the youngest of the bunch only a freshman barely 15. Jakeem came, but he didn’t leave the room. He gathered all my clothes and handed them to me. It was so weird as if he and his family didn’t just viciously gang rape me.  

“I’m sorry. Get dressed I’ll take you home” he said. I stood up to get dressed, and could barely walk. My legs were so sore, I could barely move them. Jakeem helped me get dressed, and then we left. Walking back into the living room all the cousins were still laughing and playing videos games as if nothing happened. No one acknowledged me as we left the house.

Jakeem took me home. “Don’t say anything” he said as I got out the car. “I won’t” I said as I prepared to face my mother like nothing happened.

End of Part One



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4 thoughts on “Violated Part One

  1. And part 2 will be released when? This is so wrong on so many levels, and those boys should be held accountable for what they did, but I know this happens more often then we would like to admit. Why do girls have such a hard time sharing when they have been violated? Especially in a gang rape like this. An overwhelming sense of shame? Frightened for there safety? This hurts my heart for you and all those other girls.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! Part Two will be released Wednesday July 31st 💚


  2. Ok seriously when will part 2 be released? Hoping all is well i’m just patiently waiting for part 2!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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