To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog…

“The brighter the rainbow, the badder the weather” – Lil Wayne

I haven’t made a blog post in almost two months for a slew of different reasons. The main reason is because I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by blogging. Don’t get me wrong I felt and I still feel like by sharing my stories I can help other women. I know I’m not the only woman who has dealt with domestic violence and I want women to know that they’re not alone in their fight for justice. I want women to know that they don’t deserve abuse and that they can walk away.

However writing about my experience opens the door for unwanted opinions. I knew that their would be backlash with me sharing my story and I thought I was ready to deal with it, but I would be lying if I said ignoring the hate is easy. My blog is not like Facebook it’s public and I can’t block unwanted people from coming to my page leaving rude comments or screenshooting my post. It’s an exhausting fight, but a fight that I’m willing to fight.

Writing about my struggles with anxiety and postpartum depression is also not easy. Sharing my struggle with anxiety and postpartum depression made me nervous because I did not want to be labeled crazy. My blog post Mind Games is about my struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. Recently someone took a screenshot of my post and shared it on social media with a caption that said “I knew this girl was mentally ill. I’ll never argue with a mentally ill patient ever again”. I saw that post and became sick to my stomach. Everything I write is real and honest and I’m not going to let anyone make me feel bad. I’m not the first or the last person to struggle with anxiety, or depression and I’m not ashamed. I’m not going to stop telling my story or sharing my struggle because I know sharing my struggles can help someone. I want all my readers to know your not crazy for having anxiety and I don’t want anyone to feel bad or ashamed. I’m sharing my story so that everyone struggling with depression or anxiety will know that they’re not alone. I share my story to encourage anyone struggling with mental illness to feel comfortable seeking help and therapy. Therapy is so important and I recommend everyone to seek therapy and counseling. I don’t feel ashamed and I don’t want anyone else to feel ashamed.

The last reason I was reluctant to blog is because of the emotions writing brings out of me. Every time I write about my past abuse it’s like I’m there in the moment all over again. I buried so many negative emotions away because I didn’t want to remember them. However once I started writing all those emotions and hidden memories came back and flooded my brain. My therapist told me that my blog was almost like a trauma journal. I’m realizing that this blog is helping me move forward in life and helping me to leave my past in the past.

I recently was asked to be a guest on the Rise Up Women Podcast. I talked about my past and I felt empowered. I feel empowered every time I speak out against abuse. I feel empowered every time I speak out against the stigma of mental health. I was given a gift to write and to speak to the world through my writing and I won’t let a few naysayers stop me! So I’m going to keep writing my blog and sharing my story. To blog is my choice! Stay tuned 😊

Click the link below to listen the Rise Up Women Podcast featuring me!

Rise Up Women Podcast ft Janay Kris 😊

11 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. Keep blogging! It’s so awesome you did a podcast!

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  2. How cool that you were on a podcast! Women do need to hear stories such as yours. It helps them feel empowered to walk through their own trials a strong woman.

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    1. I can only hope sharing my story can help at least one woman walk away from a bad situation! Thank you! 💚


  3. I just wanted to encourage you to absolutely keep blogging! Your are so talented and a talent as awesome as yours should not be wasted! Everything I have read by you has been so open honest.

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  4. Keep blogging girl you got this!! Sometimes is discouraging but keep at it! You got this!! 🙌🏼 Lmk if you need help!

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  5. Blogging is tough! Thanks for sharing! So cool you were invited to speak on the podcast!

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  6. Wow! I think it is so inspiring that you are continuing on! You are so strong and selfless to share your journey with other women in an effort to help! Keep going!

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  7. athomewithmomma August 3, 2019 — 1:28 am

    I’m very sorry to hear you have dealt with some negative comments in the past! It’s really great that you can speak out for those who might be too nervous but need to hear what you have to offer.

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