Freeze Me

Everyone loves their children, but let’s face it children are expensive. My son was born 12-19-14 weighing in at 10lbs. After he was born I became an instant coupon mom, and extremely thrifty. Being a parent you have to spend for today, and still save for the future. My son is my biggest bill. I decided to share two of the newest ways I’ve learned to cut cost.

First how cute is my baby 😍😍

  • Number One: Utilizing the Freezer

I freeze whatever foods my son doesn’t eat during dinner, or snack time and I feed them to him for a meal at another time.


I’ll make a big pot of spaghetti and whatever spaghetti my son doesn’t eat I freeze it. Then a week or so later when I’m tired, or my son wants a quick meal to eat I thaw the spaghetti out and feed it to him just like new. I save money because I am not wasting any food. I also save money because I’m not ordering take out or delivery. Eating out is so expensive these days.


For some reason I can never make the right amount of oatmeal for my son. So whenever I make extra oatmeal I just freeze the excess until the next morning. The next morning I add milk to the frozen oatmeal, and reheat it on the stove. After I reheat the oatmeal I add new fruit and serve it to my son good as new. Again I’m saving money because I’m not wasting food, and I’m once again not ordering breakfast. My mother thought reheated oatmeal sounded disgusting, but I like it just fine and my son does as well.

You can pretty much freeze anything a reheat it when your ready. For example soups, or large dinners. I found this is a cost efficient way to feed my son healthy meals and save money. Let me know what you think in the comments.


My son loves bananas, but will not eat them once they start to turn brown. I hate bananas so I don’t eat them, but I heard they’re sweetest when they are brown. I don’t know if that is true, but I know my son won’t eat brown bananas. So once I notice a banana starting to turn I cut it up into slices and out it in the freezer. Then whenever my son wants something sweet or a quick snack I use the frozen bananas to make banana pudding or a banana smoothie for my son. Instead of throwing out the brown bananas I freeze them and use them for a healthy snack alternative which also helps me save money. No more wasted fruit!

Number Two: Shopping on a Budget

My son is 4 and wears a size 1 shoes. He wears a size 5/6 in clothing so yes he is a big boy. Buying clothes and shoes for him is hard because he is a toddler the size of a school age child. I want him to look nice, but I can’t afford, and refuse to go broke buying clothing I can afford. Honestly my son grows out of clothes so quickly it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on his clothing.

Discounted Clothing Stores:

I love love places like Marshals and DSW when it comes time to shopping for my son. I can go into DSW with a 20$ off coupon and buy 2 pair of really nice and cute shoes for only 50 dollars. I can get name brand shoes like Van, Nike and Puma for only 50 dollars. I just got excited typing this! I just walked in Kids Foot Locker last week and a of New Balance shoes were $80 dollars for a size 1. There was no way I could spend $80 dollars on a pair of shoes for a toddler.

I also like Carters and Oshkosh because they are always having really nice sales. I can spend 50 dollars and get 10 dollars off or something like that. That way I’m getting quality clothing for discounted prices. Again I just got a little excited typing that!

I love love Marshall’s when it comes time to shop for my son. In Marshall’s I can find all type of cute, affordable, stylish clothing for my son without breaking the bank. Everything I buy out of Marshall’s I make sure it is under 10 dollars. I buy all kind of designer clothing Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Nike etc for under 10 dollars! I also love that Marshall’s have the option to put clothing on layaway and pay over time.

Also over course well know discount stores like Walmart and Target are great as well. However I try to avoid them because even though they’re cheaper stores I pick up so many items that I end up not saving any money. What are your favorite discount places to shop?

Marshall’s Outfit ❤️😍

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Use code Justjournee35 for 35% off your purchase ❤️
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3 thoughts on “Freeze Me

  1. I never thought of freezing my left overs, but this is a awesome idea. My daughter is extremely wasteful and I hate wasting food. Good Job Mom!

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  2. Your baby is ADORABLE! Freezing certain foods like spaghetti sounds odd to me, but, I’d give it a try. Never too old to learn something new! With how prices are these days, these tips will definitely help people save money, and time as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello. Thanks for reading. It does sound odd and I would never have considered it before but it’s worth a tv. Almost like a all natural TV dinner.


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